Our Team

Meet our team:


Jacqueline Betancurt (Director of Media/PR)

Jacqueline has been working with Cool Hand Luke Productions for over a year now as head of their Media and PR department. She is of Dominican and Colombian descent and as ambitious as they come. Diversity is one of her top qualities, being able to adapt to any situation is what makes her such an asset to the film business as head of the Media and P.R. Department within Cool Hand Luke Productions. It has been exciting to say the least! We have traveled from coast to coast filming such wonderful, heart-felt stories.

The opportunity to shoot professionally was introduced to her some time ago and today she is a celebrity photographer. Her background in photography gave her the abilities to be able to move around the set and capture some of the most amazing moments in this historical monumental film.

She has met so many people in her short lifetime it seems as if she has lived 100 lifetimes! Coaching and mentoring interns and young people is something she has always done and loves. It fills Jacqueline with love knowing she is guiding the young new adults into the world of professional filmmaking. Her job as head of Media and P.R. at Cool Hand Luke Productions gives her a chance to give back while moving forward, while filling her heart with love and happiness in everything she does.

Whether she is coaching, mentoring, developing a business or photographing people, she always has the desire and ability to connect. Building relationships and networking has always been a focus for Jacqueline and because of that, it has allowed her to excel in business. She knows that long-term success requires long-term relationships.

If you love what you do so much it’s not work. It’s fulfillment, joy and happiness that make the days fly by! Makes you look back on your self saying “wow, where did all the time go”?



Jeanne Tanios (Cinematographer/Editor) 

Born on August 31, 1986 in Athens Greece, and having lived between Europe and the Middle East, Jeanne speaks three languages (English, French, and Arabic) and holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Notre Dame University and a Filmmaking and Producing diploma from the New York Film Academy. After graduating, Jeanne began working on indie features in the camera and video editing department. Jeanne has directed a couple of short films and has edited a wide range of videos for the web, before joining the Cool Hand Luke Productions team as a Cinematographer and Editor on the Docudrama, Rise of the Freedom Tower – America’s Unsung Heroes.



Ramon Pujol (Audio Engineer/Editor)

Born in Solsona (Barcelona area, Spain, 1975), Ramon studied IT at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC, Barcelona), and specialized in audio signal processing techniques. He also studied music theory and accordion in the Enrique Granados Conservatory of Lleida, Spain.

After a few years working in a big telecommunications company as a Project Manager, and spending his spare time recording local bands in his private studio, he decided to reorient his career towards his real passion: sound and music production. He founded Casafont recording studio and the indie music label Casafont Records, with one motto: dreams can be fulfilled. In 2012, he had the chance to move to New York city and he didn’t think it twice, since going to the city of dreams and working with the best professionals was a once in a lifetime opportunity he couldn’t have missed.

He has participated in an extensive list of CDs, TV documentaries and Videogames. His last CD in 2012, “Poetry with soundtrack”, marks a new stage in his career, showing his most creative side as a composer.



Djordje Dojcinovic  (Cinematographer/Camera) 

Born in Belgrade, Serbia on February 7, 1988, Djordje Dojcinovic moved to New York in 2006. In 2007 Djordje went to the College of Staten Island, majoring in cinema and photography. For four years Djordje studied history, present and the possible future of cinema. Graduated in film and photography from College of Staten Island in 2011.

During his studies, he finished many short films including Zero (2010), which explores the parallel life of humanity. Save Coney Island (2011), which in 11/13/10, New Yorkers came together to party, rally and pay their respect to the nine Boardwalk businesses that are booted out. During his schooling and after graduation, Djordje worked for many productions, which include:

GRS Systems: Equipment rentals, Data converter. In the MIX: PBS: Editor
21st Century 3D: Stereoscopic conforming for postproduction, Editor, Rig technician, 1st camera assistant

Production: Breandon (short) 2010, 3D rig technician, DreamWorks production 2010 shot on green and red screen for Madagascar production, Production assistant, 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships, 3D rig technician. Norma Kamali 2011 3D shot for fashion week, 3D rig technician, Hillbilly Blood, 2011 3D reality show for 3NET, 3D rig technician and 3rd camera operator, Sully Erna 3D Concert, 2011 3D concert, 3D rig technician

Long Island City Arts Open
2012 documentary, 1st camera operator
Rise of the Freedom Tower – America’s Unsung Heroes
2012 – current, feature film and TV series, Cinematographer, Camera