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Ken Simmons Actor / Director / Producer

Ph: (646) 226-7821

Ken Simmons, a former Marine, was born and raised in Michigan. As a young man, Ken started his career off as a professional boxer and former celebrity bodyguard. He then moved on to acting and producing. His range of experiences coupled with his larger than life presence gave him a unique approach working in the entertainment industry.

Ken’s acting career began in New York City with supporting roles in many films. His most recent performance was film festival nominated and award winning “Tri” directed by Jai Jamison. He also starred in Christian Winters’ “Old 37”, “The Briefcase”, “Hated”, “American Terror” directed by Eric Ramos, Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects”, “Kick-Ass”, and “The Blockbuster” directed by Matthew Vaughn. Ken also appeared opposite Eddie Izzard in “My Super Ex- Girlfriend” directed by Ivan Reitman. He has also had TV roles in shows such as “6 Degrees”, “Law and Order”, “Law and Order: SVU”, “Johnny Zero” and “Third Watch”.

Ken is currently producing “Rise of the Freedom Tower – America’s Unsung Heroes”, a feature length documentary featuring the incredible stories of unsung heroes. The first responders, volunteers and rescue workers that sprang into action on 9/11 and in the time that followed.

Ken is not only the producer of the film, but he was also one of the first to arrive at Ground Zero, which is why this film is so dear to his heart. Later he co-produced “World Aid 9/11 Benefit” at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC to raise money for children who lost parents on 9/11. Ken recruited talent such as Chevy Chase, Paul Shaffer, Richard Belzer, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Helping others has always been an important part of Ken’s life. It has allowed him to focus on charitable efforts, to do some good in this world, and to inspire others to help uplift humanity. He is passionate about the creation of a new social media community website for unsung heroes. It celebrates acts of kindness, courage, perseverance and compassion, showcasing stories of giving and helping. This site will spread positive messages of love, peace, and freedom and celebrate the American spirit.