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 "Perseverance Never Quits, Instead, it Boldly Says “I Can!”


Overcoming the odds, destined to persevere to endeavor: 

Ken Simmons, a former Marine, was born and raised in Michigan. As a young man, Ken started his career off as a professional boxer and  celebrity bodyguard, for such celebrities as Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, etc. Ken then moved on to acting and producing. His range of experiences coupled with his larger than life presence gave him a unique approach working in the entertainment industry.

Ken’s acting career began in New York City with supporting roles in many films. Robin Williams and writer Kenny Friedman casted him in his first film the Cadillac Man. His most recent performance was film festival nominated and award winning “Tri” directed by Jai Jamison. He also starred in Christian Winters’ “Old 37”, “The Briefcase”, “Hated”, “American Terror” directed by Eric Ramos, Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects”, “Kick-Ass”, Number one film at the box office and “The Blockbuster” directed by Matthew Vaughn. Ken also appeared opposite Eddie Izzard in “My Super Ex- Girlfriend” directed by Ivan Reitman. He has also had TV roles in shows such as “6 Degrees”, “Law and Order”, “Law and Order: SVU”, “Johnny Zero” and “Third Watch” and reoccurring role in AS the World Turns.

Ken is currently producing “The Rise – America’s Unsung Heroes”, a feature length documentary featuring the incredible stories of unsung heroes. The first responders, volunteers and rescue workers that sprang into action on 9/11 and in the time that followed.

Ken is not only the producer of the film, but he was also one of the first to arrive at Ground Zero, which is why this film is so dear to his heart. Later he co-produced “World Aid 9/11 Benefit” at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC to raise money for children who lost parents on 9/11. Ken recruited talent such as Chevy Chase, Paul Shaffer, Richard Belzer, Danny Aiello Jr, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Barry Manilow, Charlotte Church, Colin Quinn, Maija Digorgio etc.



Helping others has always been an important part of Ken’s life. It has allowed him to focus on charitable efforts, to do some good in the world, to mentor and inspire others to uplift humanity. He is passionate about his development of a new social media network, for unsung heroes. It celebrates acts of kindness, courage, perseverance and compassion, showcasing stories of giving and helping. Ken hopes this site will spread positive messages of love, peace, and freedom and celebrate the American spirit.



With no formal Education:

1. Raised, abused, beaten, mentally and verbally, tortured daily for thirteen horrid years by his stepfather in his home, yet he rose above it, learned to forgive and move forward. 

2. High school, diploma: First person in his family to graduate from High School.

3. The Groundlings: improve class, two yrs.

4. Sally Johnson: Cold Reading Classes three yrs. 

5. Acting Coaches: Karen Gardena, Jonathan Hogan, thirteen yrs.

6. Graduated School of Hard Knocks: Toughest, and hardest way to be educated.

7. Continually studies acting, business, investigative social issues and human interests, social media networks, and history and comedy.


Authors: Favorites.

1. Bible KJV.

2. Og Mandino: The Greatest Salesman in the World.

3. William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth. 

4. Edmond Rostand: Cyrano de Bergerac.

5. Eugene O’Neill: The Hairy Ape, The Iceman Cometh, Anna Christie, etc.

6. Sun Tzu: Art of War.

7. Steven Covey: The 7 Habits of highly Effective People.

8. Dale Carnegie: Wow to Win and Influence People.

9. Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich.

10. James Allen: As a Man Thinketh.

11. Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of Positive Thinking.

12. Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now.

13. Alan F. Alford: Gods of the New Millenium.

14. Ken Follett: Pillars of the Earth.



1. Father, Mentor of son, daughter, and hundreds of children, and young adults.

2. Boy Scouts of America, he learned to care about himself, others and Christianity.

3. Lettered in all High School sports, football, wrestling, track, hockey.

4. USMC. Bootcamp Parris Island, Stationed at Quantico VA.

5. Long Island Amateur Boxing Champion, Professional Boxer, fought In MSG three times.

6. Baker, pastry chef, worked and learned in many bakeries, restaurants in NYC and in the Tri states area.

7. Bouncer, and private security, at six top Night Clubs in NYC, brought celebrities to all.

8. Body Guarded, Mike Tyson, Mohammad Ali and Donna Karen, Madonna, Chris Walken, Charles Durning, Sam Kinison, Marvin Hagler, Billy Idol, Johnny Deep, John Casablanca Elite Models etc.

9. Actor, writer, producer, acted in thirty different feature films, appeared in over a dozen television shows and series, produced two films, directed one.

10. Entrepreneur. Is Creating and designing, a new Social Media Network – 

11. A 9-11, Ground Zero rescue worker, stayed the first six days straight. 


Favorite Past times:

Traveling, Researching History, watching National Geographic’s, Discovery Channel, studying acting, meditating, does his prayers, always seeking a higher education. 


The Truth:

Ken lived one of the most amazing, happiest life’s possible, once he moved out of Michigan. Beating the odds, knowing his path could have lead him to prison or the grave, he now feels very blessed. Ken is a great motivational speaker, speaking with truth, compassion and enthusiasm, about how to be happy and successful, rising above hate. 



Everything Ken tried to do he failed at first, but he would not quit, he has always turned his frowns upside down. Literally raised and educated with no skills, but he had natural abilities and an inner faith that no one was better, smarter yes, better no. Knowing education and discipline with persistence would top anything and everything, so he buckled down and focused on reading and studying all he could when it came to literature, as well as anything in between that would improve his future. Kens motto is, “That you have to want to succeed, and never give up!” Ken strived not to be successful, but to be of value.


Experience:  - IMDB Movie Data Base. - Benefit for Victims Families of 9-11-01.  - Sizzle Reel from The Rise.  - Joel Osteen interview.  - Ken’s acting reel. - Apology speech, being ill from 911.  - Trailer for The Rise – A.U.H.  - Trailer for inspirational film Tri.  - Award at Nova Film Festival.  - Scene from Kick Ass.  - Broadway Comedy Club, NYC, NY. - realkennasimmons


Ken has played many main characters, in over thirty feature films and over a dozen television shows, series, while interviewing over one hundred and eighteen of the world top comics, actors, wounded warriors, vets, military personal, politicians, sports stars, managers, agents, producers, writers, ministers and creators in the world. Ken has also met two living Presidents.




Chevy Chase, Richard Belzer, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Ray Romano, Whoopie Goldberg, Alex Borstein, Joy Behar, Nicole Sullivan, Colin Mochrie, Peter Boyal, Norm Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Gilbert Gottfried, D.L. Hughley, Kevin James, Richard Kind, Terry Jones, Kathy Kinney, Robert Klein, Barry Manilow, Rita Rudner, Tony Robert, Colin Quinn, Paul Shaffer, George Slaughter, Jerry Stiller, Jim Norton, Rich Vos, Vincent Schiavelli, Ryan Stiles, Bobby Cox, Booby Valentine, John Franco, Joel Osteen. All of these celebrities and more, all one hour plus sit down interviews. 

Ken has also interview another forty-five patriotic Americans who severed at Ground Zero’s 9-11 attack on the World Trade Centers, some who lost family, friends and co-workers. Many who came to help, like Firefighters, cops, and average Joes, who risk it all to help their fellow man.


Produced, Line Producer as well, for all my work:

1. Bitter Jesters and The Rise- Americas Unsung Heroes.

2. One Television show: The Sensitive Mechanics.



The Rise – American Unsung Heroes.

The Sensitive Mechanics



In over thirty-three films and a dozen Television shows, check



1. Bitter Jesters: A comedy drama based on the life of a female standup, the rise and fall of her career.

2. The Rise – American Unsung Heroes: Is based on my actual being at the World Trade Centers as they burned and then feel. A true life story of the nightmare that has haunted ken for over eighteen years, detailing all who he has met and who were affected by this horrific act of terrorism.

3. Screenplay: Once The Bagman, a true-life story of many different people involved in this period piece of his families history.




1. Piece of Freedom: Using Steel that Ken obtained from the Ironworkers and a letter of verification of the scrap steel from One World Trade Center, from the New York, New Jersey, Port Authority, Ken got together with Jon Krawzcyk, world renown sculpture who built the Iron Cross that stands in place of the original Iron Cross found at ground zero NYC by Frank Silecchia on Sept 11/01, Jon and Ken slowly designed the historical, sacred relic “A Piece of Freedom” in the memory of all lost that day and through the years from Cancer and other 9-11 related illnesses.



Designed- Created: 

1. Developing, The A new Social Media Entertainment Network to rival FB, Instagram, and Twitter. 

2. Learned Adobe, Photoshop, Editing, Web design, all self taught. 

How you may ask? The hard way, by losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, getting ripped off by con- artists web designers, who knew ken knew nothing about what he set out to do.





1. Ken overcame a man, who married my mother, raped my sister’s daily, tied up, beat and tortured him, his sisters, and brothers and for over 13 years. Through Christian faith in Jesus Christ, it never broke his spirit as a boy, a teenager and a man.

2. Ken has defeated Cancer twice. Removing a Tumor from his right shoulder and then Melanoma that almost killed him, contracting both of these illnesses from working at Ground Zero NYC. Now Ken is fighting Neuropathy, a disease he also got from breathing in all the heavy metals at Ground Zero, this affects motor, sensory, or autonomic nerves, in kens legs, resulting in chronic pain on a level that few can understand. 

3. Ken has had a total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, pins, plates and screws in ankles as well as a shattered pelvis, cracked skull and broken jaw.

4. Ken spent nine years of his life in hospitals in total, from nine different Motorcycles accident, all of which were the results of hit and run drivers. He has broke almost ever bone in his body, but refused to give up on himself, always starting over, with out loosing his sense of humor and the ability to laugh at his self and push his way through the tough times.


Don’t Be Discouraged."

It's Often the last key in the 

Bunch that Opens the Lock”

Author Unknown.